Aliante Football Contests

Aliante will run two contests this season. A pay contest that runs $25 per entry plus a free one that operates via the players card through one of the dozen or so kiosks spread throughout the casino. First the pay contest:

“Aliante Airin” It Out Football Contest”

This is a good contest structure that keeps players engaged throughout the season with it’s weekly, quarterly and season long categories. The prize pool is generous based on the casino’s location on the far end of town and the contest equity will most likely be well over 100%.

Entry fee is $25 – buy three get a 4th for free.
Total prize pool is $103,850.
Contest uses NFL Sun and Mon games only.
No pointspreads – picks are on straight-up winners.
Winners determined by most wins in a week, seasonal quarter, and entire season.
OV/UN Totals will be added as needed to reach the minimum 15 weekly selections.
Entries are submitted using one of five kiosks located in the sports book.

Year End prizes are:
1st: $4,000
2nd: $2,500
3rd: $1,750
4th-10th: $500 each
11th-50th: $200 each

There will be $3,300 in weekly prizes with $2,500 going to the best card of the week.
Second place gets (or splits) the other $800.

Quarterly Prizes:
$7,000 per quarter (Wks 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 and 13-17) for a total of $28,000. Best card in a quarter gets $3,500, second place gets $2,500, and third place gets $1,000.

Results will be posted on Tuesdays and go official on Thursdays so that’s the earliest you can collect for a weekly prize.


Free Players Card Contest:

The players card/kiosk contest is the same as last year. 25K will be given away for the season. $1,475 per week split among the top 10. Sun/Mon games are used plus a MNF Tiebreaker. The higher the tier your players card is the more entries you get. Everyone gets one entry plus one additional entry for each tier above the base card (Premier). A max of four entries can be had by earning Headliner status. Celebrity card holders get three entries and Elite card holders get two.

All prizes are in free-play with the top prize each week being $500 FP. The remaining $975 is split among 2nd-10th place. Results are posted Tuesday and you must claim your freeplay award by Thursday. That’s a twist that catches some by surprise. If you try showing up Fri., Sat., or Sun. to put your picks in and think you’ll collect if you won the previous week, you’ll be too late. Hence, this contest requires two trips for most, or you can put your picks in prior to Friday. Results are posted at the players club booth. No results will be given over the phone.

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