Cantor $150 Deposit Bonus

New Cantor App Deposit Bonus of $150 ($25 x 6)

The new mobile betting app at Cantor books is a huge improvement over their original version. While the old app was quirky and clumsy the new one is efficient and user-friendly, allowing for quick wagering and offering a much wider menu. Virtually everything that is on the board is available on the app along with some mobile-only offerings that you can’t get at the window.

Getting the app is an easy download via Apple or Android devices by searching for CG Sports. You’ll need the app when visiting a Cantor book right now until the software is fully converted onto their sit-down betting screens. For now a tablet or phone with the app installed is required. If you have neither, Cantor will provide a tablet for your betting while you are in their book. It will work only on that properties account however (the app you download yourself gives you access to ALL your Cantor accounts) so an account will be needed at the book you’re visiting.

Fortunately, any deposit you make right now comes with a $25 bonus (it matches your deposit up to $25) so it’s worth depositing whether you need to use their tablet for betting or not. This $25 bonus is definitely available at six of the seven Cantor outlets in Las Vegas. Palms, M, Silverton, Hard Rock, Trop and Venetian/Palazzo are all confirmed as offering the bonus. You can do all six as long as you make a deposit of $25 or more at each individual venue. The 7th Cantor-run book at Cosmo I still have to visit and find out the story. They are not included on the list of participating books by Cantor but they weren’t listed last year for the casino promotion they ran so it’s possible they’re in too. That would make $175 in bonuses for as little as $175 in deposits.

A great new feature just rolled out via the app is 24-hour account betting on weekends. All the other Las Vegas apps shut down overnite but Cantors will stay open and take bets from 8am Fridays until Monday morning at 1am. Those last few hours on Sunday night can be very useful as Cantor puts up lines for the following week on Sunday nights. If you like to get the jump on the next weeks games by betting as early as possible this is a major advantage vs the other mobile offerings in town.