Betting Baseball In Nevada Pt 1

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that there were 20+ books dealing dime lines just
in Las Vegas along with the occasional daring bookmaker that would offer a nickel line.
Those days are pretty much gone due to consolidation and a general apathetic view by
some towards betting the bases. 2015 looks to have more non-dime line shops in town than
ever before and the big corporations with multiple books are mostly to blame.

MGM, Station, Coast, Strat and CAE control a big chunk of the sports betting market in Las
Vegas and none of them will be offering the ten cent line this year in MLB. Four of the
five will use a 15 cent line to start while MGM will charge the most and be the lone Vegas
book using a 20 cent line. Up north, the Carson Valley Inn will also start the betting at
20 cents.

Below is a quick rundown of the books in Nevada going worst to first using the starting
base line as the sole criteria.

Next week we’ll look at the rest of what the books in the state offer in the way of
totals, overnights, live betting and alternative bet options and try to rank the books on
an overall basis. To start the season these are the books and how the rank strictly
according to the fave/dog difference at the Pk em start point.

In parenthesis are the approx number of books they control.

20 cent lines
MGM properties (10+)

Carson Valley Inn (2)

15 cent lines
CAE properties (10+)

Station Casinos (10+)

Coast Casinos (5+)

Strat/Az Charlies group (4)

10 cent lines
CG Technology (5+)

SouthPoint (5)

William Hill (30+)




Golden Nugget (2)

Casablanca (2)

Treasure island

Peppermill (5)

Lakeside Inn

8 cent lines

Atlantis Reno


As a comparison of how the difference in pricing effects where it is you’ll find
the best line on a game we can use the InterLeague game of Mon April 6 between
Boston and Philadelphia. The game is close to a pick so it makes a good example.

At MGM (20 cent book) the line is Bos -115 / Phil -105

At Coast (15 cent book) the line is Bos -115 / Phil +100

At Westgate (10 cent book) the line is Bos -115 / Phil +105

At Aliante (8 cent book) the line is Bos -114 / Phil +106


Aliante with their 8 cent line offers the best price on both Bos -114 and Phil +106.

Next best is Westgate with their 10 cent line. Bos -115 and Phil +105

After that you lose 5 cents by betting the Phillies at Coast and another 5 cents if
you end up betting them at an MGM book. For this game, all the books pretty much
are aligned on the fave at -115 but the dog price varies by as much as 11 cents.

Bottom line is you will almost never get “best line” at an MGM book and most often find
it at Aliante since MGM incorporates more than double the juice into the average baseball
line they post. Sticking to the 10 cent or less books for your baseball side bets will
add up over the course of the season. It’s not the only criteria to use to evaluate the
worthiness of a book for bases, but it’s a big one.

Interesting to note that all seven of the truly independent operations in Nevada offer
the 10 cent line. The Golden Nugget and Casablanca operate partner books and are also
going with dime lines. The Nugget operates the Golden Nugget in Laughlin and Casablanca
also owns the Virgin River a couple miles down the road in Mesquite.

Please support those independent books that offer the best odds and try to connect with
their customers. Places like Golden Nugget, Aliante, Wynn, Jerrys and the Atlantis in
Reno deserve the business and by making the extra effort to bet there it helps convey
the message to them that what they’re doing is worth the effort.

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