Cantor 5% Rebate On Losses

Starting Nov 21, bettors on the Cantor app will get a 5% rebate on their
mobile bet losses at the end of the month. Rebate offer is good for Nov
and Dec and you must lose a minimum of $100 on the account for the rebate to
kick in. What’s good about this is that each rebate tabulation is separate
for each account you have. If you have more then one account you can pick
and choose at the end of the month which account to bet on to maximize
any potential rebate. Making bets at the end of the month when your position
is as close to even as possible is ideal. If you are in the negative, but down
less then $100 that would qualify as well as a good position for a bet.

Other hi-variance/low-varance strategies could be employed based on whether
one is ahead or behind for the month but at 5% it’s more of an academic
exercise then anything else. If the rebate were bigger then it would certainly
be worth strategizing a bit more. As it is, just betting and getting your
reimbursement is a nice little bonus and we hope Cantor continues it into 2015.

The complete rules are listed below and you need do nothing other then bet
on the mobile app to participate. No sign-up is necessary.


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