Cantor Caps Rebate Program

Starting March 1st, CG Technologies caps their rebate program by limiting the amount a player can receive to $500 per month. Previously the rebate was $5,000 and would be in the amount of 5% of the previous months losses. Reports of LVAS members getting upwards of $3.000 in monthly rebates (which means $60K+ in losses) had previously been documented but on March 1st the cap of $500 goes into effect. Here is the amended language in the CG rules, something which few players may notice without being pointed to it:

:>Customers who have a total net loss of $100 or more at the end of each calendar month of the Promotion Period are eligible. The monthly 5% cash back award cannot exceed the maximum payout of: $5,000 for each calendar month through and including February, 2015; and (b) $500 for each calendar month beginning March, 2015.<: It’s still a nice perk but when you expect a bigger rebate and get less, there will be those who feel they somehow got the short end of the stick on the deal. This is only going to effect those losing 10K or more in a calendar month but those players are out there and this may impact how they bet as the month progresses. The previous uncapped version may have also affected how those players bet as well, possibly stimulating action. This does not appear to be a well-thought out move as it A) is going to initially annoy some of your bigger players who didn’t catch wind of the change and B) can easily be circumvented by executing a “spread the bankroll” strategy. Spread the Bankroll: Since the rules dictate that each CG account is treated separately for rebate purposes, the best strategy is now to play on one account until you hit the 10K loss cap and then move your action to another venue for the next 10K and continue moving venues at each 10K interval. If your main account at the Palms accumulates 10K in losses then stop betting there and fund an account at the Tropicana and continue betting there. If you dip 10K there then you move your action to the Hard Rock and so on. Using this method effectively makes the cap a $3,000 one if you use all six CG books that are running the promotion.

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