Carson Valley Inn/Bodines

Here is the place where one can do very well IF they go about things the right way.
Carson Valley Inn is in Minden and Bodines is in Carson City just past the turnoff
for route 50 up to the Lake. These are linked books with an independent line that is
covered on both SportsOptions and Don Best under the symbol CVI. They have great lines
at times and if Lakeside is to be called a book for dedicated Bay Area fans then these
two places are where the real fanatics must hang out. Betting numbers vs SF and Oak can
be outrageous here and the strategy employed by management is obvious. If betting the
SF 49ers the amount required for approval is very high. If betting their opponent the
limit is $300. This is to insure that no level-headed punters take advantage of the
Bay Area gouge lines they have in place. The rest of the board can be very good there
but limits are relatively low especially prior to game day. We prefer Bodines so the
rest of the info pertains to them. It’s 10 miles closer and with the same hours and
better food.

Bodines has free in-house wifi, very good food including pizzas that are better then
anything up at the Lake and they run regular promotions for the restaurant. We were there
on a Wed evening which is Ladies night. Women get their own drawings and free drinks after
5:30 PM and by the looks of the crowd the most popular free drink may be Metamucil and Tonic.
For sports bettors the drinks are done with a wave to the bartender. There are no other
comps available via sports but the good lines are enough to make this place highly
recommended. In addition to the 1Hs for just about everything, they put up a nice amount
of 2Hs and those lines can be good along with any props they may put up for TNF, SNF or MNF.