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Westgate College Games Of The Year

The College Games Of The Year are up at the Westgate sports book. Now that bettors have another set of numbers to bounce the Golden Nugget games off of there should be a nice wave of action coming in at

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Nugget Friday Football Showdown

The biggest entry fee contest for 2015 is not at the Westgate, it’s at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas and it’s format may make it the most entertaining contest in the state. With an entry fee of $2000,

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BitGold Debut Looks Promising

BitGold may be the most exciting development in the area of funds transfer in a decade. In many ways it operates similar to BitCoin. You establish an account. You fund it and then you can conduct transactions with other BitGold

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Where To Watch The Fight?

Las Vegas can turn into square-city for big events and this one ranks way, way up there on that scale. Super Bowl, New Years Eve etc you can get gouged if you don’t know what you are doing but this

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Betting Baseball In Nevada Pt 1

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that there were 20+ books dealing dime lines just in Las Vegas along with the occasional daring bookmaker that would offer a nickel line. Those days are pretty much gone due to consolidation

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Was Michigan St @ 50-1 a Good Bet?

The 20K bet by Las Vegas casino owner Derek Stevens has been widely publicized since Mich St made the Final Four. Word is Stevens made a few bets sized to payoff one million dollars and the Spartans have survived and

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March Madness Odds To Advance

Trying to assess all the probabilities of advancing for the 68 NCAA Tournament teams is a daunting task for anyone. You need spreadsheets, quality statistics and historical data. You most likely need help. That’s why folks like those at

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True Cost Of A Tout Part II

How difficult is it to show a profit if you pay for picks? Listening to the picks seller you’d come to the conclusion that it’s really not all that difficult. Ranges in cost can vary wildly. From picks as low

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3-Pt Contest Outshines Dunk Event

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest has been a fixture at the All Star game since 1984 when Larry Nance bested Dr J (the original Dunk Champ from the ABA’s first event held in 1976) and became the first to be

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Props Key To Books Super Bowl Win

The Wynn, Westgate and William Hill all bemoaned the outcome of Patriots and Over in Super Bowl XLIX and that was the claim of most bookmakers in the state. So how did the NV books manage to squeeze out a

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