Harvard vs Yale: “The Game”

It started Nov 13th 1875 in New Haven CT. Back then they didn’t even
keep score the way we know it. The final score that day was Harvard 4G 2T Yale 0
which roughly means 4 FGs and 2 TDs for Harvard and zero for Yale.
Over the next 138 years another 129 games were played. No game was held in
1877, 1885 or 1886. The game played in 1894, which came to be known as
“The Hampden Park Bloodbath” was so violent that the series was suspended for
two years. It resumed in 1897 and played every year until WWI. After a two
year break during the war the series resumed and then during WWII it went dark
again for two years. In 1945 they played and have done so every year since.
The most memorable game, played in 1968, became the subject of the film
“Harvard Beats Yale 29-29″. The ending to the game is considered one of the
greatest in college football history as Harvard trailed 29-13 with two minutes
left. Two TDs and two 2-pt conversions later the game was tied and with that
The schools paper, The Harvard Crimson, ran the headline “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29″

Tomorrow is the 131st meeting of the two Ivy schools and ESPN Gameday will be
broadcasting live from the site. It’s one of those games, like Army/Navy, that
people watch for historical and nostalgic reasons moreso then due to a gambling
interest. However – if one were so inclined to put some money down on the contest,
5Dimes has the line at Harvard -12 and a total of 64. Have been unable to locate
any book in Las Vegas with a line on “The Game”. Perhaps some astute sports book manager
will realize it’s the nationally promoted game by ESPN tomorrow and decide to
put a number up on it. If they do we will send it out and make it known here.

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