Last Night At The Riv

Had to see the last action in the pit at the Riviera. Played there a lot in the late 1990s and into the next decade so had a lot of memories in that pit. Showed up just in time as they were winding down and closing up the games just before 2am on Monday May 4th 2015.


Last night for those lights

IMG_1345 copy

Last of the $1 Blackjack on the Strip – maybe ever


The last sports bet has been made


The last shooter has sevened-out


The last hand of Blackjack has been dealt..


.. which means the last player has been backed off.
I seriously wanted it to be me but it didn’t happen


The last roulette ball has landed – it was an 8.
Always bet on black


No more Crazy Girls – at least for now.
They are supposed to relocate the show and the display a bit down the street


No late checkouts today. Everybody out at noon – and don’t come back

IMG_8545 copy

No more matchplay. Ran a lot of matchplays thru the Riv my first two years in town.
Helped keep me afloat until I figured things out. The dealers were mostly tolerant except
for the guy on the Big Six Wheel. I understood though. He was stuck spinning that
wheel while the other dealers were on the real games.


Made my first decent score there in 1993 with an early partner – We made 8K each by
hitting the bad beat hold em jackpot in the poker room – Aces Full cracked by Quads


It was a dump but it’s nice to have a dump or two left to remind you of those times – walked around in Circus afterwards too and that’s a dump that still feels like it did back then. Not much else left like that except maybe El Cortez and the Horseshoe. R.I.P Riviera.