October 2015 Sports Book News

We’re still waiting for the finished product to be unveiled at the Westgate but you can see
that it’s going to be something special. The new bar area is going to be right in the center
of the book and that will be the last area to be completed sometime in mid-October.

The new odds boards are state of the art and indicate who covered the closing line when the game goes final by placing two asterisks after the final score of the covering team. It’s a nice addition that tells you at a glance whether your ticket is alive or dead.

Another new feature that’s scheduled to be implemented and may not go over nearly as well is the NO SMOKING edict that will be in force once the remodel is completed. They’re going to need plenty of smoke police to make that a success. Should be interesting.


One change that’s already taken place is the move to issuing drink tickets. Some of the long time regulars don’t care much for the switch though. Previously, you just had to be in the book with a live ticket to get served and some of the fellas would get a lot of mileage out of a $10 parlay. With the new criteria in place they’ll have to put a little more at risk if they want to soak up those same drinks. It takes a $50 wager for one drink ticket and a $100 wager for two drink tickets with a max of six tickets per bettor per day. It’s actually a shift from one of the most liberal venues to score a drink to what’s now one of the most expensive.

Six of the nine books covered by the LVASports/SportsOptions line service offer overnight lines on the NHL. Only Wynn, Golden Nugget and Stations wait until the morning to post hockey numbers. Of the six that post overnight lines, Westgate has the lowest juice lines followed closely by CGTechnology. Both offer a 10 cent line on sides but CGT starts to incorporate more juice at -121 while Westgate holds their 10 cent line to -170. That’s a big difference and should make a 10 cent line available on 80% of the hockey games for any given day at Westgate.

1st Period lines can be found at an increasing number of books. Confirmed for 2015 are William Hill, Westgate, Stratosphere, Golden Nugget, Aliante, Stations and the Atlantis in Reno. There will most likely be more so we’ll update the list over the next several days.

Baldinis is the home of the first Station sports book in the Reno area. The opening was just prior to football season and it’s been all systems go since then. All the Station sports book features are available at Baldinis including mobile betting, kiosk and counter contest play and players card benefits. They also have a Baldini’s only NFL contest that pays $150 in free play for the most weekly winners and $150 in free play for the most weekly losers. The no-hotel casino is located at 865 S Rock Blvd in Sparks, which is about a five minute drive from the downtown Reno area.


Anthony Curtis made the rounds in September and checked out all the parties, promotions and special offers at venues throughout the Vegas valley. From Team Bars to Prime Time football Parties to Halftime Specials, he hit them all. Word is 27 establishments were visited on DoubleHeader MNF in week 1. That’s a lot.

For info on MNF happenings at the adult clubs in town, blackjack guru turned strip club expert Arnold Snyder performed the arduous chore of compiling all the info on the best spots to watch the games in a gentlemanly fashion. You won’t be able to bet the halftime line at these places but you can get action on a $1 halftime lap dance ToplessVegas

Odds are that Arnold had a decidedly more pleasant time with his “scouting” than AC did.
Strip Club MNF Parties

-Coast has added their MNF props to their mobile betting menu.
-Aliante offers team specific only props including index props. Some of what is offered uses
three-way lines (props with three options instead of two). What this does in most cases is allow a higher built-in vig to the bet but Aliante seems to be incorporating a pretty fair house edge.
-William Hill, Stations, Southpoint, CGT and Westgate also post prop lines on prime-time NFL games. Westgate and William Hill are the most consistent and offer the best variety.

Sports books in Las Vegas are not making much of an effort to go after the fantasy market. One book is at least giving it a shot but what it has to offer is anything but a good deal for the players. Take a look at what they’ve made available to fantasy bettors and why it may be the worst payback item a sports book has ever offered. Vegas Fantasy

“Would you prefer fries or a parlay with that burger?”
Unami Burger is a gourmet burger place that has been woven into the SLS sports book run by William Hill. It’s a great venue to catch a game, try one of their unique burger creations and sample a cold one from the accompanying Beer Garden. You also get a free $5 parlay with your burger during the Thursday Night and Monday Night games. Do some live betting and score some free drink tickets and it can add up to a pretty sweet deal overall.


The first books to post lines for college football in Nevada has been the Stratosphere and the Wynn on Sunday nights. The Wynn takes bigger bets and releases their lines at approximately 3pm. The Stratosphere follows shortly after and appears to use the lines posted by the internet sports book BetOnline. At the Wynn you’ll find lines on college games posted before any other book offshore as well. Some of the sharpest college football bettors gather there each week to get the first bets in on the upcoming NCAA board. Many of the numbers they get can be several points off the lines that become widely available on Monday.

Aliante is one of the most underrated sports books in Las vegas. They offer a lot of extras that make them undervalued like an extensive soccer menu, props for prime-time NFL games, the top low limit football contest anywhere and now a sports pit that offers the best blackjack of any fun-pit or sports-pit going. Three tables of 2 deck blackjack dealt by referee-clad female dealers. The game has normal pit rules (most fun-pit tables elsewhere deal poor rules and pay 1:1 on BJs). Blackjacks pay 3/2, they deal 70% of the cards and when you bet $40 on a straight bet or $20 on a parlay at the book you get a $5 matchplay for the tables. The pit is in a good spot too if you want to watch the games while playing.

Westgate’s -105 Thursdays has been the one and only reduced vig deal in Nevada for some
time now. Others have tried it for a season but only the Hilton/Westgate has been a constant.
Good on NFL and NCAA sides only and running from 3pm to 11pm, this is where you see some of the cities biggest punters and bargain hunters putting bets in before the night ends.

There’s now a second spot offering -105 on Thursdays – only hitch is it’s an hour plus drive from the Westgate out in Mesquite NV. From noon to 4pm on Thursdays you can get -105 at both the Casablanca and the Virgin River sports books. The deal is good on all NFL and college sides AND it’s good on totals which is something that hasn’t been seen in Nevada in recent memory.


Totals players will find good numbers at -105 if they invest the time in a trip north on I-15.
Limits are $1000 on sides and $500 on totals from noon-4pm. The literature says -105 on selected games only but on visits October 1st and again on October 8th all sides and totals were at -105.

Parlays are permitted at -105 per leg up to $100. That makes the payout for a 2 team $100 bet $281.18 or 2.8:1. Every other book in the state pays 2.6:1 so that’s a payoff increase of 8%.

There is also a regional bias that can be exploited in Mesquite. Lines on teams from Arizona and Utah are consistently inflated. That means fading Utah, BYU, both Arizona and Arizona St along with the NFL Arizona Cardinals will usually get you the best line available anywhere.

CG Technology is now open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays at the Venetian location.
They also offer 24 hour mobile betting on the app Fridays and Saturdays.

If you bet teasers check out the CG 6 teamer available via mobile betting only.
With a payout of +800 it’s the best available return on a 6 team teaser anywhere and
compares favorably to a 2 team +100 teaser when measured by the individual win pct required per leg. A 2 team 6pt EV money teaser (which is a thing of the past in Nevada) requires a 70.7% win pct per leg to break even which is the equivalent of laying -241 on each. The 6 team 6pt +800 teaser on CG Mobile requires a 69.3 win pct and is the equivalent of laying -226 per leg. A clearly great deal as far as teasers go. Finding 6 teams to plug in all at once is the challenging part.

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