Ohio St vs Oregon Title Game Props

The Westgate posted props for Ohio St vs Oregon nearly a week
before the contest is to be played. This makes Westgate the
first, most likely by a wide margin, to book peripheral bets
on the National Championship. It’s nowhere near the scope of
the Super Bowl but the number of bets available is clearly
second (a distant second) to the NFL championship. Twenty props
plus a couple charts are up. Multiple bets on Marcus Mariota and
Cardale Jones are available along with a dozen more on the
RBs and WRs. William Hill has recently been into topping the
number of props posted by Westagte. Last Super Bowl they released
the most props in the state but this came after Westgate opened
theirs so although William Hill may post the most eventually,
Westgate still ranks #1 for sharp bettors due to posting first.


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