Peppermill Reno Sports Betting App

On October 1st, the PepperMill Sportsbook in Reno introduced their new sports
betting application for Android and Apple users. It’s a great development for those
looking for a Northern Nevada line to add to their mobile devices.

The Peppermill is using the familiar software being used by both William Hill
and Southpoint so there should be no learning issues for those who have an account
at either. While there may be no learning issues, there are technical issues for now.

Was fortunate to be in Reno and at the Peppermill when they debuted the app
and was first in line to sign up. The sign-up process involves photocopying
your ID, being assigned an account number and then making your deposit. If no Social
Security card is with you then a W-9 form must be filed. You must also have a players
card to register for a mobile account. The Peppermill has free wifi on site
so you can download the app right there in the sports book. Once you get the app
downloaded to your device you must register your device phone number.

From an Apple device you can download the app here:

Peppermill Apple Download

From an Android device you can download the app here:

Peppermill Android Download

Your device number must be registered at the time of signup. For phone users it’s just
your cellphone #. For tablet users you’ll have to go into settings to retrieve the devices
cellular #. Once that’s done and the number is validated you should be good to go.

You can reside out of state and get an account but you must be within the state to make bets.
That’s where the problem is right now with this app. It is currently allowing bets from the
Reno area, but in Las Vegas, it is detecting that the device is in an unauthorized location.
I made bets in the Reno area on Oct 1st, but in Las Vegas on Oct 3rd I encountered problems.
After contacting the Peppermill they acknowledged a bug existed and stated they are working
on the issue. Will report back when that issue is resolved, hopefully in the next few days.

UPDATE 10/14/14:
The issue with the app not allowing bets outside the Reno area has been
resolved. Making sure your device is enabled for Location Services is fix
#1. If that does not work, delete the app and then download it again.
It’s now working in the Las Vegas area for those that made those adjustments.

UPDATE 11/1/14:
The app has now added TNF, SNF and MNF props to it’s menu as well as the in-house
progressive parlay card and 2H betting. The functionality of the app is very good
and bets below $500 have no problems. At $500 or more approval appears to kick in
and confirming bets can take some time but no rejections as of yet.

The most unique aspect of the app is that you get comp credit for your play and
what appears to be a decent rate. Since Peppermill does not state what their
comp rates are for tables, VP or sports it is not known the exact return but it
looks like between .5% and .67% which is very good vs any card and on an app
makes them head and shoulders above anyone else for mobile betting.

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