Props Key To Books Super Bowl Win

The Wynn, Westgate and William Hill all bemoaned the outcome
of Patriots and Over in Super Bowl XLIX and that was the claim
of most bookmakers in the state. So how did the NV books manage
to squeeze out a win of nearly 3% of the $115,000,000 bet on the
game and clear 3.2M overall? It was mainly due to prop betting.

No figures were available on the actual distribution of game, total
and prop dollars wagered but it’s safe to say that prop betting may
eventually exceed the amount wagered on the game itself if it hasn’t
already. Some books reluctantly hang propositions and only do so
because they are “forced” to for competitive reasons. The books
who embrace prop betting, like Westgate and William Hill, saw it
pay off this year when the props bailed them out of a losing Super
Bowl while the books who do not encourage prop action probably wish they
had done differently. Like it or not, props are a big part of Super
Bowl betting and this years result can only help that area grow.

With the proliferation of Daily Fantasy Sports and the demand for
more betting options, especially for televised events, it’s safe
to say that mainstream prop betting is here to stay for at least awhile.
This year LVAS provided prop and alternate betting information from
every sports book in the state and next year plan on expanding on
that with more analysis and more updates.


Next years Super Bowl will be the NFLs Golden Anniversary of the
AFC vs NFC Championship and will take place February 7, 2016 at
Levi Stadium in Santa Clara CA, home of the San Francisco 49ers.
Super Bowl 50 will be called just that as the NFL will nix the
roman numeral representation for this one game. Super Bowl L just
doesn’t work aesthetically according to the NFL so the logo for the
game will include the standard arabic numeral 50 in all it’s material.
Roman numerals will return for Super Bowl LI / 51 the following year.
No matter how they present it to us, the game has become just as much an
American holiday event as the 4th of July and Super Bowl 50 should be the
grandest and most celebrated yet. Just 52 weeks till kickoff and counting.

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