Reno-Tahoe SportsBook Report

Northern Nevada sports book information was compiled during the month of
October from Reno, Lake Tahoe and Carson City. There is a good representation
of the chain books that Las Vegas offers in N NV although a couple notable entities
are not present. Both Coast and Stations are missing but fortunately they both have
mobile apps. For someone who makes the effort of opening an account and depositing
in Las Vegas, they can still bet at these books from the Reno area.

The Atlantis is an independent book with their lines available on SportsOptions,
VegasInsider (free) and Don Best. They do not have an app so they are one of three
sets of lines that are exclusive to Northern Nevada. The Lakeside and the Carson
Valley Inn are the other two with the Atlantis having the most extensive
betting menu of the three by a wide margin. Limits max out at 2K for most events
and $500 for props, quarters/periods and live betting.

1H lines do not show up on the line services but they have them along with 1H money
lines for NBA which is something that’s a real rarity for basketball in Nevada. They offer
props only on Championship events. Their parlay cards are 1/2 pt only, (no ties win) and
they sweat action on these although they did not appear to scratch games. They use the
Atlantis players card and multiple point days exist for race and sports. The comp rate
is unknown, as it is for the rest of the casino, but best estimate is it is .33 based
on the volume loosely tracked for a weekend of play. Sports bettors have recently been
upgraded to double tier points so climbing card levels is now easier via sports.
Previously it was race players only who earned triple tier points.

A nice aspect of getting tracked at Atlantis is you can get your room comped
for reasonable play. For $10,000 daily action you get a midweek room and for $15,000 or
more a weekend room. Based on the average Atlantis room rates this equates to another
.8% weekdays and 1.2% on weekends on top of the already good comp rate making the
Atlantis the best sports card anywhere IF you play 10K or more a day and get a room.
Horse players require only 1K per day for midweek and $1500 on weekends for a room.

The Atlantis deals 8-cent baseball lines and 10-cent hockey lines. Great deals on both.

Live betting is available for games being shown on the big screen and they often serve
up good numbers relative to the market.

Best of Atlantis:
-Free Wifi in Sportsbook
-Players Card accepted with a decent base return
-Free weekly NFL contest via kiosk swipe
-Drink tickets for bets of $20 or more. Two for $50 or more
-Freeplay drawings for regular bettors after each TNF/SNF/MNF score
-$50 Parlay Special ($50 off-the-board parlay gets one meal comp per day)
-Live betting for many of the events being shown on main screen
-1Q betting in NBA and 1P betting in NHL

The Peppermill is an independent book as far as Vegas bettors are concerned.
They have outlets in Wendover NV and also at Western Village in Sparks but
no live book in LV. The Rainbow Club in Henderson had a window for betting
a few years back but they bailed on that after a few months of action. Peppermill
did not like the play they were getting from the dedicated players who made the
trek out to Water St so they pulled the plug mid-season. They now have an
app though, so anyone in NV can bet there if they set their account up in Reno.
Peppermill lines can be viewed on the Don Best pay service and for free on

The mobile app has improved a lot since it was launched Oct 1st and they promise
it will only get better. Peppermill is giving players comp credit for bets on the app
and the return looks good. For roughly 15K in action last week I accumulated over
$100 in comps so the return appears to be at least .5% and maybe as high as .67.
They could not cite the return when asked which is consistent with the way they
credit comps throughout the rest of the casino. I honestly don’t think they know
right now. What they did state is that the card earns more at the window then it
does on the app, a statement of which I’m skeptical. Best guess is it’s the same.
Kudos to the Peppermill for being the first book to give decent comps via the app.

Parlay cards are 1/2 pt only and they do scratch games but not excessively.
The 5 teamer paying +2500 is a real good deal. +2500 converts to slightly
less then -110 per leg so it’s just as good as playing off the board and often
with better lines. Be advised that any cards $50 or more may require approval.

Best of Peppermill:
-Free wifi in sportsbook
-Betting app available as of Oct 1st
-Players card accepted with very good return
-Props available for MNF and some other events
-Drink tickets for bets of $20 or more

These two books on Virginia St in downtown Reno are separated by a one minute
walk across the street so take your pick as far as venue goes. Although the Silver
Legacy is aesthetically nicer and a better spot for watching the game, Circus can
be a superior choice due to other factors. These are MGM books but they use their own
cards for tracking players so you have to get a card at each place AND a betting
number from the book you plan to play at. They operate independently for the card
but both cards have one thing in common – they offer the best comp return in the
entire state. At .8% in straight comps, these two books almost double that of the
universally praised .45 at the Westgate in Las Vegas. Comps can be used anywhere on
the properties that normal card comps can except you have to get the voucher from
the sports book. Good spots are the Oyster Bar at Silver Legacy and the Kokapelli
Sushi at Circus, which is surprisingly good. Drink tickets are easy at both but
Circus has a takeaway area where you can grab bottled juices to go or get some
Starbucks-style coffee drinks.

All parlay cards are the same as at MGMs in Las Vegas. Again, no ties win which is
something that is the norm in the Reno area. That is one thing that Las Vegas offers
that N Nv does not. There are no Ties Win parlay cards in the area. On teaser cards
there are a couple that the chain books from Las Vegas offer (MGM and CAE) but no
independent book in the area offers anything involving Ties Win.

Full service William Hill race and sportsbooks are at Eldorado and Cal Neva in Reno,
John Ascuagas Nugget in Sparks, Casino Fandango in Carson City and MontBleu in South
Lake Tahoe. Sports-only books in the Reno/Sparks area are at Siena, Sands Regency,
Gold Dust West-Reno, Grand Sierra, Rail City, Baldinis, Diamonds, Alamo, Siris, Tamarack
Junction, Hobeys, JJs and Sierra Sids. In Verdi there is Boomtown and Gold Ranch.
Kiosks exist at several other locations which can be searched and located at

One interesting aspect of William Hill books is that they offer different parlay card
payouts in N Nv then in S Nv and for the exact same parlay card! Must be those LV sharps.
Here are the pay scales for the S Nv card next to the N Nv card. Better pays exist for the
3,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 teamers with the biggest jump on the 8 teamer at 109.47% of the S Nv payoff.

——–Southern Nevada 1/2 Pt Parlay Card —————————– Reno 1/2 Pt Parlay Card


The best William Hill books are at John Ascuagas Nugget and the Montbleu in S Lake Tahoe.
Montbleu is my favorite due to showing free UFC PPV events with plenty of good seating.
They’re the only venue in the area, casino or non-casino, that shows UFC PPV cards for free.
We watched a recent event there and had no problem securing a good spot. Unlike venues in
LV that show for free and get jammed up, the crowds in Tahoe are not as large and the space
at MontBleu is plenty big to accommodate everyone. They have free wifi throughout and the book
gives drink tickets on $25 and up bets so it’s a great all-around spot in South Lake Tahoe
and the only William Hill on that side of the lake.

On the North Shore the Tahoe Biltmore is the primary William Hill location along with the
Crystal Bay Club right across the street. Both are fine for watching games. Prefer the
Crystal Bay due to the setup with food and drink available right there in the book area
along with free wifi. The Tahoe Biltmore has live counter betting Wed-Sun and Kiosk only
betting Monday and Tuesday so Crystal Bay gets all the patrons on Monday nights.

A few miles away in Incline Village, the Hyatt Regency is an upscale property with a
William Hill book that operates daily starting at 8:30am (no kiosk available at this location).
They run good promotions on Monday nights with 3/2 single deck blackjack being dealt ONLY
during the game along with drawings and multiple points for table and machine players.

Casino Fandango is the main WH book in Carson City with both sports and parimutuel betting
available and a large viewing area. William Hill is well represented in the states capital
with live books at Carson Station, Carson Nugget, Slotworld, Gold Dust West-Carson and the
Comstock. There are kiosk-only locations at Cactus Jacks and Jackpot Crossing. The Gold Dust
in Carson is a surprisingly large casino with table games, restaurants and a hotel.

The Lakeside is the only independent book at the Lake and it occupies most of the bottom
floor of this log cabin type property. I like the place a lot but making bets consistently
here is a challenge. The Lakeside is a lazy kind of laid back book so walking in you should
find some real good numbers due to them not being too concerned with their local customers
picking off the outliers. After a trip or two to the window making bets at good lines they
often sharpen up the board. If you bet $100 or less it’s a fantastic place to hang out and
get good numbers. At $200 they take notice and all totals will need approval. Bet above
$200 and most everything except primary sport sides will need approval. They open 8am every
day and rate horse players only. Drinks are OKed by the manager and he gives a wave to
the bar area to authorize the comp. Lakeside is not on any odds-screens anywhere so walking
in is the only way to see what they have. Most times you won’t be sorry you visited but
that last hour before games start is going to be the best. Limits max out at 1K for major
sports sides.

They offer 1H bets on some events but it is sporadic. Moneylines for most, but not all
college football and no props except for Championship events. Parlay cards are marginal
and they sweat them. They run occasional “losing tickets” drawings for memorabilia.

One thing to always look for is a good line on the opponents of Bay Area teams. They are
all San Fran and Oakland fans there so they shade against those teams. Bet against the
49ers and you may be the only one in the place with that ticket but at a real good line.

Wifi is for hotel guests only but the code reportedly does not change. The password is
havingfun01 and since cellular reception in the building is marginal I use it when there.

Here are two places where one can do very well IF you go about things the right way.
Carson Valley Inn is in Minden and Bodines is in Carson City just past the turnoff
for route 50 up to the Lake. These are linked books with an independent line that is
covered on both SportsOptions and Don Best under the symbol CVI. They have great numbers
at times and if Lakeside is to be called a book for the dedicated Bay Area fans then these
two places are where the real diehards must hang out. Betting numbers vs SF and Oak can
be outrageously good here and the strategy employed by management is obvious. If betting
the 49ers, the amount required for approval is very high. If betting their opponent the
limit is $300. This is to insure that no level-headed punters take advantage of the
Bay Area gouge lines they have in place. The rest of the board can be very good there but
limits are relatively low, especially prior to game day, and can become lower if it is
realized you are only targeting the off lines. Approvals come out of the Carson Valley
book and these places close before the last game starts sometimes. Both books offer the
exact same betting menus and parlay cards. We prefer Bodines so the rest of the info
pertains to them. It’s 10 miles closer to Reno with the same hours and better food.

Bodines has free in-house wifi, very good food including pizzas that are better then
anything up at Tahoe and they run regular promotions for the restaurant. We were there
on a Wed evening which is Ladies night. Women get their own drawings and free drinks after
5:30 PM and by the looks of the crowd the most popular free drink may be Metamucil and Tonic.
For sports bettors the drinks are done with a wave to the bartender. There are no other
comps available via sports but the good lines are enough to make this place highly
recommended. In addition to the 1Hs for just about everything, they put up a nice amount
of 2Hs and those lines can be good along with any props they may put up for TNF, SNF or MNF.

Free weekly NFL contests are available at Atlantis, Baldinis, Grand Sierra and Hobeys.

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