Silver Legacy and Circus Circus

These two books on Virginia St in downtown Reno are separated by a one minute
walk across the street so take your pick as far as venue goes. Although the Silver
Legacy is aesthetically nicer and a better spot for watching the game, Circus can
be a superior spot due to other factors. These are MGM books but they use their own
cards for tracking players so you have to get a card at each place AND a betting
number from the book you plan to play at. They operate independently for the card
but both cards have one thing in common – they offer the best comp return in the
entire state. At .8% in straight comps, these two books almost double that of the
universally praised .45 at the Westgate in Las Vegas. Comps can be used anywhere on
the properties that normal card comps can except you have to get the voucher from
the sports book. Good spots are the Oyster Bar at Silver Legacy and the Kokapelli
Sushi at Circus, which is surprisingly good. Drink tickets are easy at both but
Circus has a takeaway area where you can grab bottled juices to go or get some
Starbucks-style coffee drinks.

All parlay cards are the same as at MGMs in Las Vegas. Again, no ties win which is
something that is the norm in the Reno area. That is one thing that Las Vegas offers
that N Nv does not. There are no Ties Win parlay cards in the area. On teaser cards
there are a couple that the chain books from Las Vegas offer (MGM and CAE) but no
independent book in the area offers anything involving Ties Win.