Vegas Sportsbook Notes: Dec 2014

JERRY”S NUGGET: The best teaser odds in town are no more. Jerry’s recently
chopped their teaser payouts and that pretty much makes Las Vegas a teaser
wasteland as far as teaser terms that are competitive with those offshore.
Jerry’s previously city-best 2 team/6-pt -110 teasers are now -125. The 3 team
6-pt teasers dropped to +160 but is still a much better choice then the 2-teamer.
Parlay odds were not changed so the city-best 2,3,4 & 5 teamer pays remain.

CG TECHNOLOGY: Cantor’s 5% rebate on losses promotion will continue throughout
2015. Rebates for NOV were showing up in account-holder app wallets within 72 hours
of the end of the month. Rebate on losses applies to all mobile betting accounts
and are tracked individually per account so if you won at the Palms but lost at
Tropicana you’d still get a rebate at Tropicana for the loss there.

GOLD COAST: Comp tracking at Gold Coast gets downgraded as they switched to a
supervisor discretion system. Previously if you bet you’d earn bankable comp
dollars at a fixed rate per the posted schedule. It appears now that they are
taking care of the regulars while the less than frequent bettors get nothing.
I like Gold Coast overall but hate this move. Those with banked comps (which I
was one) have lost their comp balance. Just another instance of where “use em or
risk losing em” applies to any banked balance on a players card. It rarely pays
to sit on your perks, be it at slots, tables and even sports.

WESTGATE: NHL lines are being offered at nickel juice (-105/-105 for a Pk game) making
Westgate the first place to check for serious hockey bettors. They also offer 1st Period
lines at -110 along with 1Q NBA lines and player props on big schedule nights.

WILLIAM HILL: The 20/20 College Bowl Challenge is a Guaranteed 30K Winner Take All Contest
that uses a parlay card for your entry. No sign-up required. You just fill out a card
and pay $20 per entry and make 20 picks. The card uses games starting Dec 20th but you
have until Dec 29th to enter. On that day there are 20 games left so you’d be stuck making
a pick on all remaining games. You can enter on kiosks and on the mobile app so they should
get lot’s of takers for this Bowl Contest. Cards come out Dec 10 in LV and by Dec 12 they
will be available at the more remote venues.

Up to this point it all sounds good. Now for the not so good. $30,000 sounds like a lot
but it’s not when you consider there are over 100 William Hill outlets in Nevada. At 1500
entries (15 or so per outlet) William Hill recoups the 30K that is guaranteed. After that,
all entry fees return 70%. I have no doubt that they will exceed 1500 entries so this will
not be a 100% contest in the end. Probably not even close. At 3000 entries they’d take in
60K and payout 51K for a very poor 85% payback. As much as I like to participate in these
type of offerings, this is one that has PASS written on it for me.

It is pretty much a standard now at William Hill books to reject any bet of $1000 or more
at the window unless the player presents a players card. This is an annoyance for some
(have to get signed up on the spot which takes time) and a deal-breaker for others who
just do not want to be tracked.

ALIANTE: Driving to the far north side of town to get to Aliante is a chore for
some depending on how far the trek is. If you’re out in Green Valley it’s easily
35-40 minutes each way. For contest entrants this is a weekly journey so when we were
told that the contest kiosks were open all night this at least gave players the
option of driving on off hours to avoid traffic. On a recent visit at 6:30am we
found that the kiosks were offline and no entries could be submitted. Going forward
it is wise to operate under the assumption that contest entries can be put in during
sports book hours. That way if the kiosks are down there is someone there to address it.

WYNN: The Wynn posted the first college bowl lines on Monday and by Wednesday most places
had them up. As of Wed night, Jerry’s had just games to be played Jan 1 or after. Everyone
else seems to have their sides up. On totals, MGM, Aliante, Wynn, Jerry’s, Coast and
Treasure Island all have no totals up for pre New Years Day bowls. Clemson/Oklahoma
(Russell Athletic Bowl) is off the board everywhere due to QB inj issues for both teams.

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