Westgate College Games Of The Year

The College Games Of The Year are up at the Westgate sports book. Now that bettors have another set of numbers to bounce the Golden Nugget games off of there should be a nice wave of action coming in at both books. Some players who make their own lines like to get what they can down on the very first numbers that go up and those bettors have already gotten involved at the Nugget. There are others who like having additional reference points available before stepping to the counter and the Westgate takes as big a bet as any on these down the road games. Between the Nugget and the Westgate players can now shop numbers among the common games and make evaluations on how certain teams are being perceived going into the season.


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One comment on “Westgate College Games Of The Year
  1. Robert Adams says:

    I come to Vegas every year in August to bet the college and pro football games of the year from August until December at the Westgate. Please e-mail your odds this year or tell me your web site that I can get them on my computer. The Golden Nugget college lines came out a few weeks ago, but I like your lines and games better. Thank You Very Much. Bob Adams

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