Where To Watch The Fight?

Las Vegas can turn into square-city for big events and this one ranks way, way up there on that scale. Super Bowl, New Years Eve etc you can get gouged if you don’t know what you are doing but this is on an entirely different level than even those. Super Bowl is still a great event in Las Vegas because the informed visitor can get a whole lot for very little (or even nothing) if they know what they are doing plus everyone watches the game. This fight is a different animal. Mobs of people showing up and spending ridiculous coin on rooms, fighting crowds at restaurants, bars and everywhere else and most won’t even see the fight!


Local bars are balking at the hefty price tag it will cost for a standard sized establishment to show it but there is still a chance that some bar owners may eventually figure something out. Thus far, only a couple strip clubs have committed to showing it and they seem like decent deals compared to navigating the crowds at an MGM property. LVA should have the whole list up in a few days inc the cost of each but for now just Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is showing it at a comparatively reasonable cost. As low as $100 for general admission or $150 gets you better seating and free food. $3,000 will get your group a private area.

The best PPV venue in town, Crazy Horse III, has said they will not show it but have to think
that is not 100% certain. They regularly show PPV events for free to locals including all UFC.
They probably want to show it but it’s the locals thing they couldn’t possibly fade. Can just imagine what would descend on them if they advertised the fight free (or cheap) to locals.

DeJa Vu Showgirls says they will show it but no price has been set yet.

Being in Reno never sounded better. Up north both Circus Circus (an MGM property) and Grand Sierra (a William Hill venue!) are showing the fight totally free of charge. The Grand Sierra will show it in the sports book area only so the space will almost certainly be tight. Circus Circus will show it casino-wide so you should be able to find a decent spot to view it but getting there early is probably mandatory. The premium spots for a gambler are the sports bar seats where you can play .25, .50 or $1 9/6 Jacks, soak up free drinks while playing and have the TVs right in front of you. If I were in town that night that’s exactly where I’d be.

Circus Circus Reno will be showing it in the casino, including the Race & Sports Book, Bar and Lounge, The Cabaret and in the Pits with the undercards starting at 6 p.m.

Circus Circus also comps at the rate of 0.8% on your sports action, best in the state. If you
have a big lay bet to make then this is your place. The comps rack up at nearly twice the rate
of the best places in LV including the Westgate. Just like the property in LV, Circus Reno has
a gem or two among their restaurant lineup including one of the best AYCE sushi deals in town
and a Circus Steakhouse similar to the one that is so popular in Las Vegas.

LVA will have a list of the best places in Las Vegas to view the fight and the associated cost.
Will add those updates as they become available.

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